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Rare Stuff:


Firchie Shell (very Rare) Aluminium Grey Attack 14" "Bobby Rondinelli" Signature Drumhead Attack "Jingle Head" 14" (Rare) Red Cymbal Felts
Pearl Masterworks in Real (!) Metal Chrome Covering Darwin Tom with Jasper Shell (Nice woodgrain) in Blue See-through Trick Alu Timbale with old Badge (early 90's) Trick Tom with Newer Badge (Mid-90's) Blue Elox Alu
 Grover Snare Wires (Super Dry Sound) Original Trixon Silver Glitter Sample Original Trixon Champagne Glitter Sample Danmar Metal Kick Pad (Single)
 Mapex / Heermusic Keyring Stix Montana 8" Pink Sprinkle Timbale Paiste Army Knife Noble & Cooley DieCast Hoops 10"


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